1. The Controller uses Cookies on this website.
2. Information collected via Cookies is used to optimise this website and for statistical and marketing purposes.
3. Cookies register user activity of the website through the recognition of the device used, allowing this webpage to be adapted to the User’s individual preferences.
4. Solutions applied on this website are safe for user devices. It is not possible that dangerous or malicious software penetrates user devices.
5. The Controller uses two types of Cookies:

Session cookies: files stored in user devices until browser session is closed. The information they had collected is then deleted permanently from the device’s memory. The mechanism of session cookies does not allow any personal data or confidential information to be extracted from the User’s device.
Persistent cookies: files stored in user devices until they are deleted. Closing the browser session or shutting down the device does not cause them to be deleted. The mechanism of persistent cookies does not allow any personal data or confidential information to be extracted from the User’s device.
How to set the conditions for storing or accessing cookies.

The User may limit the access or fully disable cookies from the device. If this option is chosen, the website may still be used, except for the functions which by nature require cookies.
The User may change current cookies settings any time by setting the options of how they are stored and how they access the User’s device. The User may change the above settings in their browser or configure the service. The settings may in particular disable the automatic support of cookies in the browser or may be set to notify the user each time a cookie is saved to the device. Detailed information on the possibility and methods of supporting cookies are available in programme (browser) settings.
The User may delete cookies at any time using available browser functions.
Limiting the use of cookies may affect some functions available at the Controller’s website.
Service provider collects, processes and uses personal data which the Service Recipients provide voluntarily and only when they give consent to such processing.
All information which Service Recipients provide is processed particularly for the purpose of supplying the service properly. At the point of data collection you will always be informed of the grounds and purpose for which we collect your data.
The Service Provider collects and processes:
– data which is required to register the User and to set up an Account: e-mail address, password, first name and surname, country of origin, the name of the company, Tax Identification Number and phone number.
1. Service Provider may use information submitted by the User only in in the way which it is specified in this document, taking into account the type of consent which the User has given. Before this information is used differently than specified in this document, the User will be informed of the way and purpose for which it is to be used and in each case the User will be requested to provide a separate consent.
2. The User’s personal data is primarily used for the purpose of the proper maintenance of this webpage and the provision of service by electronic means, in particular:
1. to conduct the registration process,
2. to create an Account,
3. to log into the Account,
4. to provide service and ensure the proper functioning of the webpage,
5. to enable contact between the service recipient and the service administrators.
3. Personal data submitted by the User may be used for sending marketing information directly from the Service Provider and for sending the newsletter containing information on this Service, including new items and other information related to the subject of this site. The User may express a voluntary consent to this during registration.
4. User personal data is stored for the period in which they use this Service, i.e. as long as they keep their Account. If the Account is cancelled, all User data will also be deleted.
5. We use Cookies in order to adapt the Service to user needs. Service User may refuse to give consent to store the data they have provided so that they may use it during next visit to the website without the need to reenter it. Other website owners will not have access to data specified in this section. If the User does not consent to personalise this website, they may disable Cookies by changing their browser settings. Details on Cookies are specified in our Cookies Policy, available here.
6. We follow general rules applied to Internet connections to use data from our system logs, e.g. the IP address. All data collected in system logs, including operating data which record the User’s website activity, are used by the Service in accordance with applicable laws, in particular for technical and statistical purposes.

We make every effort to ensure the best possible protection of the Users’ personal data, in particular, from data loss, improper use, unauthorised access and disclosure.
We are accountable for ensuring the confidentiality of our Account access data – your e-mail and password.

Despite of the use of advanced technical measures, we cannot fully guarantee the confidentiality of data stored and transferred on the Internet.